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"After the birth of my first child I experienced not enough breast milk production, due to 'insufficient latching' issues, I had used pharmaceutical medication to promote breast milk production (and lived with the side effects due to the pharmaceutical medication). For the birth of my second child, I did more research into alternative medicine for the promotion of breast milk production and came across herbal medicine as a natural way to achieve this. I can happily say my experience the second time around was much more
positive. I booked a clinic appointment with Katolen and she provided me with herbs in tea and tincture format, we used herbs traditionally known to promote the flow of breast milk. The best indicator that these herbs have worked for me is that my daughter is now 3 months old and 14 pounds and is happy and healthy and 100% breastfed, a much
different experience than with my first son."

— Allyson Andre, Coquitlam Clinic Client

“A couple of years ago I broke out in hives for no reason. It was instant and for the next year and a half I suffered daily with hives. I saw my doctor and I even went to an allergist. I saw both doctors on several occasions and they could not help me. Unfortunately I was told that most people never find out what they are allergic to. I was on so many different medications, including prescription strength Reactine, and was still breaking out in hives.

One Sunday morning I was watching the news and I saw Katolen, I thought to myself, I should see what she says. A long while later (I never believed in alternative treatment) I decided to email the morning news.  I knew Katolen was coming up on the weekend so I wrote. That Sunday, she responded to my email and within a week I was in her office.

The first thing she did was put me on a very restrictive diet. I was off wheat and dairy immediately. She also put me on a tincture that I had to have twice a day. Within days I was feeling good. It has been almost a year that I have been under her care and I can say I am almost 100% better. I think I have pinpointed what I am allergic (or have an intolerance to), which is wheat. As long as I stay away from it or eat it in moderation I am a lot better. If I don't, I pay for it.

Seeing Katolen was one of the best things I have ever done. She worked wonders for me and for all the other non believers I would definitely say to give it a try. I now look back on all the medication I was on (which I am mostly off now) and wonder what it was doing to my system.

Thanks to Katolen for helping me feel "normal" again.”

— R. T., Vancouver Clinic Client

"I am looking forward to continuing with the tea and tinctures. I know I feel better and people are telling me I do not look as tired either, which to me is amazing."

— Laura, Phone Consultation Client (Powell River)

“After being on antidepressants for over a decade and suffering a severe depression in 2004, my physician prescribed alternative antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications.  The side effects included severe migraine headaches and tingling in my extremities and numb feelings in my head.  I wanted to find a way to control my depression without the use of drugs.  On a family member’s recommendation, I sought out the services of Katolen Yardley.  After taking a very thorough history, Katolen prescribed several herbal preparations and provided a modified diet to follow.  Katolen is a caring, conscientious professional.  I am very satisfied with the results and I believe my overall health has improved greatly.  Perhaps the greatest benefit is that I truly feel I now have a health professional that will work with me and for me to maintain my wellness.”

— M. M., Vancouver Clinic Client

"Katolen Yardley has proven to be not only a successful herbalist, but also a fabulous teacher in many respects. What I have learned most with her, as an apprentice, is how to create personal formulas for each client to meet their individual needs, while treating all affected systems proportionately.  I have also learned first hand how to continually update and follow up on each protocol as the health of the patient evolves.

"She provides a wealth of reading material to her clients in relation to their personal needs, in order to educate anyone who is interested and to allow them to be even more interactive and responsible in their own health care. She also has a gift at being able to answer questions in ways that patients can better understand, and in a timely fashion. Her approach with clients is always very compassionate and open- minded. She quickly gets to the root of the problem with careful observation and skill-full questioning.

"After being in the clinic with Katolen, I saw how the traditional approach of herbal tinctures and teas that she uses as the major form of administering herbal medicines, is truly the most effective method. The speed and rate of success with these forms proved great results with her clients, however mild or severe the condition. This gave me a lot of confidence as a newly graduated herbalist, in the powerful effect of healing with herbal medicines.

"I have learned a so much in the past year and a half that I’ve spent apprenticing under Katolen, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a safe and natural approach to health and healing, either as a patient or a student."

— Charity Parkinson - Apprenticeship Student, Vancouver

"Katolen addressed the class with a type of eloquence not possessed by enough teachers. Helpful with questions and eager to provide information. Knew her knowledge of herbal medicine and clearly has a passion for herbal medicine, this is truly inspiring."

—Langara College Student

"Excellent instructor, very knowledgeable, personable, courteous with excellent people skills, she presented an excellent mini course on herbal medicine."

—Langara College Student



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