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Herbal Medicine Articles

Herbal Medicine Articles


  Allergy Season.pdf

Breathe Easy: Herbal Remedies for Seasonal Allergies
You can enjoy the changing seasons by bringing allergy and hay fever symptoms under control. Prevention is the best medicine, strengthening and supporting the immune system is the key for minimizing allergy symptoms. 
 Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.pdf
There are many contributing factors linked to ADHD, many of which can exist in our diets and environment. Optimal nutrition is the best defense. This article provides an overview of some of the many puzzle pieces leading to the symptoms we have come to recognise as ADHD and some general dietary recommendations. 
  Bronchitis and Respiratory Conditions.pdf
Holistic treatment for preventing and treatment of bronchitis and upper respiratory conditions. 
  Cervical Dysplasia.pdf
Cervical Dysplasia: A Holistic Approach
This article provides insight into cervical dysplasia: what it is, current conventional medical treatment and possible risk factors contributing to irregular cells on the cervix and tells you how taking key essential nutrients and herbal remedies can restore healthy cells and ensure a normal PAP test. 
  Circulation and Holistic Health.pdf
Holistic support for improving circulation.. 
Herbal medicine for common digestive ailments. 
  Digestive Health.pdf
Herbs for Digestive Function
Materia medica covering bitters, astringents, carminatives, mucilages and other herbs used to support digestion and assimilation of nutrients into the body. 
   Digestive Support AromaCulture January 2018.pdf
  Dry Skin.pdf
Holistic support for rehydrating dry skin during the winter months. 

  Fertility Awareness.pdf

  Herbal Adaptogens and HIV.pdf
The Role of Herbal Adaptogens for Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV), Cancer and Chronic Illness:
How the herbs, Siberian Ginseng, Astragalus, Maitake and Reishi Mushrooms, can be used to support and restore health in autoimmune system disorders, cancer, HIV and AIDS related conditions. 
  Herbal Medicine and Skin Conditions.pdf

Herbal medicine can address common skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis. 

  Herbal Medicine and Insomnia.pdf
There are holistic options to help minimise insomnia. Learn how herbal medicine, nutrition and supplements can help ensure a sound sleep through the night. 

  Herbal Medicine to Support Healing in Celiac Disease.pdf

  Herbs for the Cold Season.pdf
Cold Busters – Herbs for the Winter Season:
Home remedies and herbal support to enhance your immune system function. 

  Gingko Biloba Interview with Katolen Yardley.pdf

  Introduction to Herbal Medicine.pdf

  Irritable Bowel Syndrome.pdf

Minimizing Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Herbs and Nutrition
Treatment is not simply a matter of finding one pill to alleviate the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but should address all possible contributing factors, such as stress, diet and lifestyle choices. 

  Lifestyle Tips To Boost Your Health Naturally.pdf
  Peripheral Neuropathy and Herbal Remedies.pdf
Peripheral Neuropathy and Herbal Medicine
Ways to improve nerve damage through nutrition and herbal medicine. 
  Plant Diversity and Digestive Healing.pdf
This article was originally published in the [Jan/2018] issue of AromaCulture Magazine ( and has been adapted for use here with permission from the 
  Stress Support with Herbal Medicine.pdf
Holistic treatment for supporting optimal nervous system health, minimising anxiety and aiding stress related conditions. 
  Women’s Health and Herbal Medicine by Katolen Yardley.pdf
The Role of Herbal Medicine in Women’s Health through conception, pregnancy and childbirth, reproductive years and menopause. 
Xenoestrogens are synthetic chemicals and environmental toxins found in our food, soil and air that have a profound effect on our reproductive health, fertility and endocrine system function. What they are and what you can do to reduce the impact they have on your health. 
  Yearly Cleansing and Detoxification.pdf


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