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Osteopathic medicine is based on the idea that all the body’s systems are interrelated from head to toe. 

Osteopathic medicine dates back more than 120 years. Its founder, Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, thought that by addressing issues with the body’s physical structure, he could help the body heal itself. He developed osteopathic manipulation techniques with a goal of restoring proper alignment of bones thereby removing impediments to optimal tissues, nerves, lymph and circulation function so the body could restore proper function of cells organs and tissues throughout.

Manual Osteopathic Techniques include:

  • Visceral manipulation: works on organs within the pelvic region by enhancing the inherent mobility and motility of an organ and by addressing secondary issues resulting from injury.
  • Myofascial Release: Fascia work focusing on releasing restrictions or adhesions to the interconnected fascial tissues. 
  • Cranial sacral: dives into the subtle movements of cranial bones and palpable rhythms of the primary respiratory motions.
  • Muscle Energy Techniques: muscles are moved with a counter to the movement -similar to a push/ pull action. MET techniques are used to increase joint mobility, strengthen weak muscles, improve circulation, help restore tone to hypertonic muscles and address pain. 
  • Mobilizations: directly address the joints, ligaments and tendons which contribute to increased range of motion, nerve pain and improve mobility.
  • Myofascial release where firm but gentle pressure is used to release tension in the fascia- the layer of connective tissue that surrounds the bones, muscles, and organs.
  • Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST): a powerful tool where there is a “listening” of the bodies expressions of health. This work allows space for tissue reorganization through tapping into the embryological fluid waves present within all cells, tissues and organs.  BDCST is helpful for integrating restricted, isolated or walled off areas of injury back into whole body communication while encouraging presence, mindfulness and awake-ness – essentially a journey back to ourselves and our true nature.
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Benefits of Manual Osteopathy


Manual Osteopathic Techniques can benefit you in so many ways including:

  • Manages stress by
    • raising endurance
    • improving wellbeing
    • increased energy
    • enhanced peace of mind
  • Treats trauma resulting from accidents
    • sports injuries
    • motor vehicle injuries
    • concussion issues, helping to alleviate complications and soft tissue injury 
  • Addresses the underlying cause of pain
    • reduces pain and stiffness in muscles and joints.
    • increases range of motion in the joints
    • treats spinal problems related to poor posture, cervical spine or spinal disc injuries
  • Relieves chronic pain through non-invasive treatment
    • decreases stress on the joints
    • reduces tension in the body
    • relieves tension headaches, tmj related issues and migraine headaches
  • Senior wellness
    • injury prevention
    • drug free pain relief to improve mobility
    • enhance quality of life
  • Reproductive Health: 
    • helps the body adapt to hormonal and structural changes during pregnancy,
    • may assist with fertility and conception,
    • helps to address menstrual pain.
  • Assists with infant and child wellbeing, development and resolving of birth trauma (for both mom and infant)
  • Reduces scars and adhesions
  • Health promotion and maintenance
    • a valuable part of a wellness enhancement program
  • Offers goal oriented stretching and exercises to continue at home thereby engaging the client in their own healing journey
  • Encourages the bodies ability to restore homeostasis and heal itself
    • increases circulation
    • reduces blood pressure
    • stimulation of underlying fluid movement and lymphatic support
    • assists with nervous system wellbeing.

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