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Business Consulting

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Katolen Yardley has over 22 years experience in the industry of botanical medicine and natural health. She offers business consulting to help you plan every aspect of your herbal business or holistic health business, including:

  • holistic business training
  • business development
  • product design and rationale
  • novel botanical medicine formulations
  • sourcing high quality raw materials
  • pricing and costing
  • good manufacturing practices and standard operating procedures
  • business organization and strategizing
  • product launch and marketing plan review
  • effective marketing and promotion

Katolen brings her experience of owning and running a wellness center with 15 practitioners and prior -for 6 years- Katolen managed the production of a busy herbal company, where she was responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring the good manufacturing procedures of herbal formulations.

A natural health product formulator and private contractor, Katolen has developed with numerous product formulations and recipe creations varying from:

  • medicinal tea blends and pleasure teas
  • medicinal chocolates and foods
  • tincture formulations
  • herbal creams and medicinal salves

Katolen has completed over 200  product license applications for Canada’s Natural Health Product regulations.

Educational Consulting

Katolen teaches business courses for the holistic practitioner and has sat on several steering committees at Langara College responsible for the development of both educational certificate programs and course curriculums. In addition to authoring her medicine making book, The Good Living Guide to Natural and Herbal Medicine, Katolen has also authored and co-authored 2 textbooks in the area of herbal medicine and holistic health. She has completed training in teaching adults and learning methodologies from Vancouver School Board and Langara College.

Television and Film Consultant

Katolen offers consulting for film and television to provide accurate depiction of traditional and scientific use of botanical medicine, the realistic use of wild plants and fungi for survival, food and medicine and to add accuracy onto set design, in dialogue and crafted scenes. 

We focus on demystifying herbal medicine and alternative medicine treatments. We can assist with adding more authenticity to the use of herbal medicine, foraging and wild plant use, to portrayal in Hollywood depictions of accidental poisonings or murders, to  the historic use of plants for veterinary medicine; we assist with providing precise representation of botanical medicine. We offer project consulting skills and research for:

  • Rediscovering the traditional use of medicinal plants (the use of plants as food, medicine, staples for survival including tools & clothing)
  • Bringing alternative medicine treatments to life with precision
  • Documentaries researching the science behind botanical medicine
  • Accuracy in set design for realism
  • Script authentication
  • Medical terminology
  • Authentic depiction of the historic use of medicinal plants
  • Technical advice & Research

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