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Irma du Preez- Heartwood student from Belgium

I just want to say what a lovely experience it has been spending some online time with you - wish I could have attended a person-to-person training session. I always left with a feeling that questions that I had been carrying along for some time got answered. What I so much enjoyed, is the way…

Rachel Silves

I am honored to write a testimonial on my experience mentoring with Katolen Yardley and her fabulous student clinic. Katolen is what every herbalist aspires to be. Katolen has the ability to meet students where they are at, whether that is a beginning plant walk at Van Dusen gardens (which is how I initially met…

Amber Maetche

The student clinic week was extremely beneficial to my learning journey as a Herbalist. I gained hands on experience in clinical examinations and how to properly conduct client consultations. Katolen is a great teacher; she encouraged us to expand on our already growing skill set and provided so much knowledge to all of our questions.…

Kristen From

Katolen holds a space of clarity and open-mindedness for her students, making her clinic a great learning environment. She delivers information in a concise manner and is thorough in answering questions from students and clients. I had my first practicum experience there and she was gracefully patient and encouraging the whole time.

Langara College Student

Katolen addressed the class with a type of eloquence not possessed by enough teachers. Helpful with questions and eager to provide information. Knew her knowledge of herbal medicine and clearly has a passion for herbal medicine, this is truly inspiring.