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Contemplations on Faith in India

In India the spirit and the intellect are considered separate; here it is believed that our thoughts areshadu small2 simply the stairs to reach the terrace of truth, but instead we stop on the stairs and say “this is truth”. We can start searching for right things by knowing right things in our heart. In the pure heart there is no attachment to thought, thus it is impossible to know hurt. It is the egos attachment to our thoughts (to having things Be a certain way) that creates hurt. Yet we think low thoughts, believethem as truth and live in the reality which is self-created through these low frequency mental thoughts.

Words spoken by Swamiji, to know truth of the Great One, silence the mind and open to truth residing within the heart. “The existence of God is beyond reasoning and logic. Reasoning can get you to the edge of the mind, but reason will not make you experience God. Intelligence can select the path one will take on their spiritual journey, yet to see TRUTH, one needs to simply accept in FAITH beyond logic and reason.”

The presumption that God (or Source Energy)is NOT here, is simply an assumption based on logic. It is our convictions that accept the logic of our mind as our truth, and therefore it is the only truth which we see in our lives.

As we become full with our own thoughts, the ego transcends- it is then that one looses hearing of universal truth. Once full, our head stops the inward flow of other possibilities. Keep an open mind. It is important to be flexible through the ability to change our thoughts and decisions. Thought is a neutral tool, simply an instrument.

The swamis last words were spoken of unity within the world “In a global sense, human beings cannot be united at the ‘thought’ level as every head has different thoughts. It is through the voice of the heart that connection truly occurs.”

Humbly, Swamiji closed his modest talk. Gratitude for sharing his teachings was met with “I am only an instrument of thy Truth. You deserve this.

sun smallAnd with a meeting of his palms in the common greeting of Namaste: translated  – I honor the spirit in you. I honor the same spirit residing in me also. We are but one. The divine in me greats the divine in you.

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