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Herbal Medicine in Galway, Ireland

Galway in Irish is known as Gaillimhe in Gaelic, the city of tribes, where Celtic tribes would once gather. Situated on the windy Atlantic coast of Ireland.

The colorful houses comprise a part of Galway called The Long Walk or Claddagh Quay – a rope shop, the grey stone building was where both men and women would walk up and down the narrow path making rope.

In Galway there is one herb shop and apothecary, owned by herbalist and medical doctor, Dr. Dilis Clare Apothecary, selling herbal blends, teas and tinctures. This particular weekend herbalists gathered at her shop to discuss educational training and the future of herbal medicine.

Herbal Medicine in Galway
The Long Walk
Dr Dills Clare Clinic and Herbal Apothecary, Galway

A short stroll away in central Galway is the shop and tasting room, American Village Apothecary, owned by herbalist and mixologist Clare Davey.

Clare specialises in herbal cocktails, bitters, medicinal syrups and other colorful beverages. On the wall is a Birgids cross, traditionally made the beginning of each February, intended to welcome in the upcoming spring and impart protection in the home.

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Clare Davey of America Village Apothecary