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Katolen Yardley has proven to be not only a successful herbalist, but also a fabulous teacher in many respects. What I have learned most with her, as an apprentice, is how to create personal formulas for each client to meet their individual needs, while treating all affected systems proportionately.  I have also learned first hand how to continually update and follow up on each protocol as the health of the patient evolves.

She provides a wealth of reading material to her clients in relation to their personal needs, in order to educate anyone who is interested and to allow them to be even more interactive and responsible in their own health care. She also has a gift at being able to answer questions in ways that patients can better understand, and in a timely fashion. Her approach with clients is always very compassionate and open- minded. She quickly gets to the root of the problem with careful observation and skill-full questioning.

After being in the clinic with Katolen, I saw how the traditional approach of herbal tinctures and teas that she uses as the major form of administering herbal medicines, is truly the most effective method. The speed and rate of success with these forms proved great results with her clients, however mild or severe the condition. This gave me a lot of confidence as a newly graduated herbalist, in the powerful effect of healing with herbal medicines.

I have learned a so much in the past year and a half that I’ve spent apprenticing under Katolen, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a safe and natural approach to health and healing, either as a patient or a student.