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What is a Manual Osteopath?

What is A Manual Osteopath?

About Manual Osteopathic Techniques – written by Katolen Yardley, DO (EU), MNIMH, RH (AHG)

Manual osteopathy is a gentle, safe and effective hands-on technique used to enhance the vitality and health for people of all ages while addressing physical issues related to structure and function as well as enhance mechanical performance.

A manual osteopath uses precise palpation skills to assess and treat tissue restrictions to assist in restoring proper balance of structures and remove tension through non evasive techniques.

Utilizing the patient’s case history, physical assessment, orthopedic tests and along with the use of palpation skills for detecting areas of diminished mobility and osteopathic lesions, classical osteopathy techniques focuses on finding the underlying cause of the symptoms, whether near to or distant from the person’s area of complaint. The treatment focuses on assisting the body to normalize any areas of dysfunction.

An individualised treatment plan is created, based on the individual’s unique health history. While it is the clients body which heals itself; the practitioner’s role is to facilitate the initiation and guidance of the process while utilizing vast knowledge of the connections of bones, joints and underlying tissues and their interrelationship to the underling nerves, blood vessels and lymphatic system, encouraging self regulating forces at work to restore homeostasis.

A manual osteopath is trained in numerous techniques including: joint mobilization, muscle energy techniques, soft tissue techniques, myofascial release, still technique, balanced ligamentous articulation, posture assessment, cranial osteopathy or osteopathy in the cranial field and visceral manipulation. A treatment session may include specific exercises and stretching techniques, foam rolling and lifestyle recommendations for greater sustained health.

“The fascia gives one of; if not the greatest problems to solve as to the part it takes in life and death. It belts each muscle, vein, nerve and all organs of the body. It is almost a network of nerves, cells and tubes, running to and from it; it is crossed and filled with, no doubt, millions of nerve centers and fibres to carry on the work of secreting and excreting fluid vital and destructive. By its action we live, and by its failure we shrink, swell and die.” Dr Andrew T Still – Philosophy of Osteopathy

Manual osteopathy can address issues related to:

  • Realignment of the physical body structure to support optimal function
  • Enhancing mobility of joints, tendons and ligaments
  • Strengthening the structure of your body
  • Spinal alignment issues, including those due to poor posture
  • Reducing scar tissue or adhesions from accidents, injury or trauma
  • Restoring range of motion in the joints, aids in releasing muscle tension and spasms
  • Provides gentle corrections to bones, ligaments, tendons, influencing subtle internal structures- promoting proper alignment and full mobility of tissues and flow of fluids beneath.
  • Sports related injury
  • Prevention of injuries or re injury
  • Techniques directed to reinforcing and maintaining of vitality and quality of life

Manual osteopathic therapy may concentrate on the following:

  • Addressing acute and chronic pain.
  • Goal oriented stretching and exercise that engages clients in their own healing journey
  • Stimulation of underlying fluid movement and circulation via manual techniques
  • Stress management, raising endurance and a sense of wellbeing, improving energy and peace of mind.
  • Senior wellness, maintaining quality of life; focusing on injury prevention
  • Fascia work and soft tissue release, facilitates removal of restrictions to internal organs via visceral manipulation
  • Concussion issues, alleviating possible complications and soft tissue injury caused from trauma or accidents
  • In addition to treating dis-ease, manual osteopathy can be used for health promotion and maintenance. Used both for prevention of dis-ease and as part of a wellness enhancement program.

Osteopathy is used to address a variety of health issues, injuries can can also be used as part of a wellness enhancement program. If you want to know if Osteopathy is the right treatment for you, email us today. Vancouver Manual Osteopathy Therapy at Alinear Osteopathy.

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